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Day Care

The CALM Curriculum

An innovative play-based, science and research informed curriculum specifically developed for young children, parents and educators. 

Melvin the Monkey is swinging on a vine and coming to help with social emotional learning.

Designed to support our children, parents/caregivers and educators with the strategies to cope with their stresses, strengthen self-regulation skills and social emotional well-being, which in turn fosters a
healthier world in which communities can thrive.

Happy Children

Life-long Success

Fosters the skills children need for life-long success such as emotional self-awareness, self-management, empathy, and social responsibility.

Children at School

Easy To Follow

Evidence-based universal curriculum, with prevention and intervention elements that build resilience and protective factors to drive positive change.  

Student Raising Hand

The Research

The CALM Curriculum recently participated in a research study by the University of British Columbia and is aligned with CASEL’s Competencies for Social Emotional Development and
the 4 Pillars of School-Wide
Well-being & SEL.

Sadie the Sloth with face mask
Tucker the Turtle with face mask
Melvin the Monkey with face mask
Doing Homework

Hello Teachers & Educators

Are you looking to prioritize self-regulation and social emotional well-being in your school?

Immerse The CALM Curriculum© in your early years programs and 

primary classrooms (K-2) with fun, developmentally appropriate activities with demonstrated positive and proven outcomes.

Teacher with Pupils

Dear Parents
& Caregivers

Parenting and caregiving is hard work, and the world is changing rapidly.

Parenting in todays' world is stressful and child development can sometimes feel overwhelming. The CALM Connection provides space for you and your child to learn together at your own pace.


CALM Learning Lab

To bring the strategies and activities of the CALM Curriculum into your home or classroom, you first need to equip yourself with our foundational guiding principles and understanding of the tools to effectively teach it.

Kids Playing with Chalk

Meet Melvin & Friends

Visit for fun and free downloads to help you and your children/students to make the most out of
The CALM Curriculum.


Words from the community

Testimonials 2022

Testimonials 2022
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