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The CALM Curriculum is available for primary classrooms and pre-k learning programs.

Each curriculum includes 10 modules designed to foster the skills young children need to thrive in their learning environments, including self-regulation, self-awareness and self-management, executive functioning, kindness and when/how to motivate your children for learning success today, tomorrow and in the future!

Melvin and Teacher give a high five.

The CALM Curriculum is play-based, user friendly, and with lots of repetition in each module. Strategies are taught through activities, songs, stories, and games. The highlights of each curriculum include:

CALM Pre-K (Early Years)

Children are introduced to their primary emotions,
problem solving strategies, breathing, stretching,
energy states, imaginative play, brain games & more.


CALM Kindergarten

Children learn about their primary emotions, self-management, breathing, stretching, energy states, impulse control, moral development, kindness, brain games, and more.


Building on CALM K, children learn about
secondary emotions, continue to strengthen their
self-management skills and executive functioning skills of inhibition, working memory and cognitive flexibility, through interactive and engaging songs, games and activities.


Children focus on the motivational domain of self-regulation with activities and strategies to support and strengthen student’s becoming active and engaged learners. Students learn about growth mindset, self-awareness and self-management as contributing factors to having greater motivation to contribute within a classroom setting.

Teacher helps Student

Play-based, user friendly, and with lots of repetition in each module.



Today, young learners come with many unique strengths and curiosities, and yet struggle in the constructs of a classroom and have developed limited social emotional skills to manage and cope with the stressors associated with this environment.

More helpful and accepting of others.

Regulating their emotions more successfully.

Demonstrating more acts of kindness.

Able to identify and understand their emotions.

Resolving conflicts with strategies provided.

Interacting and participating in group activities.

Educators also state that The CALM Curriculum is:

Easy to use and the scripted manual was most helpful in beginning, Resources ready and available in the CALM kit

Prep time is minimal, Children love the puppets and engage quickly in learnings, and positive change can be seen early in implementation.



Learning about the CALM Curriculum and the implementation materials included in the CALM Kits, involves training. CALM training gives participants with an in-depth understanding of the theoretical underpinnings, the implementation and support strategies, and gives participants the certification necessary to implement the curriculum using the CALM Kit.

Upon completion of the CALM training, participants will receive a certificate, as well as access to a private and secure Educators Portal with e-learning documents, videos, downloads and more.

CALM Educator Training & Certification

Teacher learning about social emotional development through CALM

CALM Curriculum training is available live in-person, virtually or as a self-paced online training course. Guided by intentional praxis, that is “knowing, doing and being”, the core outcomes of training include:

  • Understand the theoretical foundations of The CALM Curriculum (the why);

  • Enhance their own self-awareness of self-regulation and social emotional well- being (self);

  • Understand application of implementation strategies (the how, where, when);

  • Reflect on authentic outcomes in self-regulation and social emotional  development;

  • Embed the learning of The CALM Curriculum in classroom activities and everyday moments.

The CALM Team highly recommends establishing Communities of Practice in your schools and/or district for optimal infusion of the CALM Curriculum in your learning classrooms with collaboration, sharing experiences and reflection on strategies.

The CALM Kit

Intentionally curated for optimal convenience and implementation support the CALM Kit provides you with all the materials you will need to implement the CALM Curriculum in your classroom. No additional prep time required!

Teachers Training

I have seen the CALM Curriculum used in face to face classrooms and wondered if there would be a positive impact online. Today, online, I used it with my Kindergarten students and saw the instant connection to Melvin. It was amazing how quickly the students engaged with the puppet and materials. Thank you for this research-based tool to support SEL in our classrooms and online.

Karen, Kindergarten Educator, 2021

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