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Our Story

Founded in 1982, the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre (FVCDC), is dedicated to strengthening the well-being, growth and participation of children, youth and their families through innovative, evidence-based, child development services. As a registered Canadian charity (#108163163RR0001) we believe in "Helping Kids Shine".


Growing number of referrals to FVCDC for behaviours and dysregulation, combined with UBC HELP EDI demonstrating significant vulnerabilities for young children in the area of social responsibility and emotional maturity led to the priority for a program to address these areas. The Executive Director at the time also passed along to Kiran Sidhu a book by Dr. Stuart Shanker, (2012) Calm, Alert, and Learning: Classroom Strategies for Self-Regulation. Kiran who was completing her Master’s of Education in Early Childhood Education channelled the learnings of Dr. Stuart Shanker and many other industry leaders into her capstone project, The CALM Curriculum: Theories that inform Practice (2015).

Together with Jodie, the capstone project became an implementation process and much of Jodie’s dining room was covered in scissors, laminated resources and handmade play-based activities. Nicole became involved with The CALM Curriculum work from a fund development avenue, writing grants and seeking funding dollars to support the iterative implementation process. To date, the work of The CALM Early Care and Learning Framework has been supported by many funding sources including BC Gaming, Vancouver Foundation, Abbotsford Community Foundation, Envision Financial, Abbotsford School District, Chilliwack Children’s Foundation and many service clubs.

In 2015, The Fraser Valley Child Development Centre proudly assigned a copyright to the work of The CALM Curriculum© and in turn the work of The CALM Early Care and Learning Framework.

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