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Meet The Team

The CALM Early Care and Learning Framework’s curriculums and programs are authentic, organic, ‘live’ and evolving. Our team is passionate, focused, accountable and dedicated to every element and grounded by its intentional purpose.


CALM Co-Author; Program Leader, Early Care and Learning (FVCDC)


Kiran has been working with children, parents and early childhood educators for over 25 years with the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre, focusing on strengthening understanding of child development, supporting children with developmental needs, and increasing the communities’ capacity to care for all children.


Kiran’s impressive educational background includes a Masters of Education in Early Childhood Education (UBC) and a BA in Child and Youth Care (UFV). Kiran is also a sessional instructor for the Child, Youth and Family Studies Program at UFV.

Kiran passion for social emotional well-being led to the development of The CALM Curriculum as co-author and was inspired as a result of a thirst to understand and know how to support young children. Kiran’s extraordinary gift for teaching keeps her busy as the framework grows and participants engage in learning as a result of her ability to provide relatable, science driven examples and perspectives. 


Behind the scenes Kiran loves to spend time with her children, husband and sweet dog. Kiran is always exploring warm climates and you’ll often find her reading.


CALM Project Manager; Early Care and Learning (FVCDC)


Nicole’s career has focused on project research, development, implementation, mobilization and expansion. Over the past 15 years, Nicole’s portfolio’s with the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre has included fund development, marketing, events, training and project coordination. Nicole has a BA in Management with UTS, Australia.


Nicole brings to the CALM team an overarching strategic vision to support curriculum development, production, mobilization and accountability. Nicole oversees production, marketing, expansion and support Kiran and Jodie will all training and capacity building initiatives. Nicole provides valuable understanding of all elements of the framework for strategic growth.


Behind the scenes Nicole is busy with her family and spends as much time outside and in the ‘warm’ sun as possible. Nicole is often planning a travel adventure or snuggling with the family cat.


CALM Co-Author; Infant Child Development Consultant (FVCDC)


Jodie came to the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre with a wealth of experience in early childhood settings, and entrepreneur endeavors. Jodie works with children, parents and early childhood educators for the past 15 years as an Infant Child Development Consultant. Jodie has a BA in Child and Youth Care (UFV).


Jodie’s gift for understanding play and interaction with young children, led to the vibrant conversations and discussion with Kiran and in turn, co-authoring The CALM Curriculum. Jodie brings activities and strategies to life through the curated CALM Kit materials, her graphic design and sourcing of resources. Jodie co-facilitators most training with Kiran and provide invaluable one to one coaching for early childhood educators.


Behind the scenes Jodie love having her many grandchildren in the house, along with dog and cats. Jodie is always crafting and cooking up a storm.


Hollywood’s Next Star

Melvin the Monkey

The star of the CALM Curriculum© is most certainly Melvin the Monkey and students are immediately drawn to his character and his mannerisms. Children are attuned to his words (as spoken by the teacher) and want to engage in his activities. Melvin is the main facilitator for each of the curricula, with the occasional visit from his best friends Tucker the Turtle and Sadie the Sloth.

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