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& Caregivers

For parents and Caregivers, we offer the CALM Connection.

Based on the CALM Curriculum, this supports parents, caregivers, and children with elements to strengthen their relationships, reduce stress and increase their awareness and understanding of social emotional learning and well-being.


This program was designed to support parents with their understanding of their own self-awareness and self-management skills, so that they can respond to their children differently in times of stress.

The program builds on all the great things that parents are already doing with their children and provides the “why” so that parents embed more of these intentional interactions in their daily routines and activities.  


The CALM Connection is a 6-module program with a goal to empower parents and caregivers so that they can continue to develop safety and connection with their child, especially during times of stress, to really set the foundation for life-long connection with their child and fostering resilience for their children to cope with stress in the future.


The CALM Connection program highlights Connect and Reflect Interactions, Emotional Awareness, ICARE Response, Executive Function Skills, Yes Brain and Growth Mindset, as well as Motivations for learning.

Kids Playing with Lego

Builds on all the great things that parents are already doing.

Melvin and his mom


Parenting and caregiving is hard work. We also know that the world is changing rapidly, we have stress and it’s common to feel overwhelmed and confused about your child’s development, especially in self-regulation and social emotional learning.

Builds on our children’s strengths and gifts.

Builds on the skills parents/caregivers already have and are doing in their everyday interactions.

Gives parents/caregivers time and space to practice skills as they are ready and then encourages modelling of these skills with our children. 

Uses a playful delivery through stories, storytelling, games and time spent together.

Shares understanding that no matter how a caregiver has parented in the past, there is always opportunity for change and new learning (when we know different, we do different). 

Knows that everyone in a child’s life is important. 

Helps parents/caregivers understand the science and research about the brain and how to support our children’s learning. 

Tucker the Turtle choosing a solution.


Father and daughter connecting through activity on the computer.

CALM Connection Facilitator Training

The CALM Connection program can be accessed in-person through accredited agencies with trained CALM Facilitators.
Use the inquiry form to get started. Alternatively, it's offered through our self-paced Learning Lab giving you the ease and convenience to learn at your own pace and schedule. 


Parents Training

Due to COVID, we decided not to send Peter to a 3-year-old preschool and we could see the impact on his social skills. The CALM Connection was just what we needed. Peter used to have regular meltdowns when he had to share his toys. Learning to label the emotions and coming and telling me how he's feeling and what he needs (usually some quiet space) before he loses it has been amazing. 

Emily, Parent, 2021

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