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Meet Melvin & Friends!

The star of the CALM Curriculum© is most certainly Melvin the Monkey. Children & students are attuned to his words and want to engage in his activities. Melvin is the main facilitator for each of the curricula, with the occasional visit from his best friends Tucker the Turtle, Sadie the Sloth and Raven.


Melvin's Store 

Each element in Melvin’s Store is hand-crafted and curated by us here at the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre in beautiful British Columbia, Canada to help Parents, Caregivers, Teachers and Educators get the most out of connecting with their children, reducing stressors and strengthening everyone’s social emotional well-being.

Please Note: Shipping only in Canada (BC/AB)
Free Pick Up at FVCDC Abbotsford Office.
(Email: shipping quote to other locations)


FUN with Melvin: Songs and Games book

Provides you with many joyful activities to do with your child and will help to support you in building a better for brain for your child in the future!


Super Friends Colouring Book

Melvin and Tucker and Super Friends. They have learned solutions to help them solve problems and want to share their solutions with you. Colouring book pages may be printed.


Melvin's Brain Builders

The Melvin Brain Builder Tip Sheets incorporate the knowing (knowledge), doing (activities and interactions), and being (self-reflection, self-awareness, self-care) are always integrated in practice when working with children, youth and families.


LOVE Savers - SOS Signals

The LOVE Savers address the six different SOS needs that our children are requesting from us. Children in their earlier years they are still trying to learn about language and communication through your tone, and body language and soon they start to symbolizes words with objects. Our children also learn about what love is through representations of our actions, more specifically our ‘inter‐actions’.


Melvin's Tips Book

Melvin's Tips is a Pre-Kindergarten (3-5 years olds) guide to nurture your child's development and well-being. The book includes tips for each developmental domain - gross & fine motor, cognitive,  language, reading & printing, and social & emotional, and pro-social development.  Melvin's Tips talks about the ICARE approach to understand and respond when a child has big emotions.

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