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Celebrating Child Care Month

Updated: May 16

May is Child Care Month in British Columbia

The CALM team acknowledges and celebrates the amazing child care educators who care for our little ones in their early care and learning settings, on behalf of their parents and caregivers. We thank you for all your time, commitment, and dedication!

Educator Signature Series

Recently our parent organization, the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre, embarked on an extensive project focused on supporting primary caregivers to have an increased access to child development knowledge (especially in the areas of emotional maturity and social competency) and to enhance child care settings and staff to implement this knowledge and skill building to support and practice inclusion in their programming.

One of the initiatives is the Educator Signature Series, with 12 workshops including foundational conversations and featured child development workshops. The series brings theory to practice to life for early childhood educators and fosters inclusion and compassionate care in their settings.

Foundational Conversations: These conversations focus on some of the foundational topics in the early childhood field and highlight social emotional well-being, self-compassion for educators and brain development.

Featured Workshops: These unique workshops have been developed from educators in the early childhood and intervention field who work at the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre. Workshops include each developmental domain, including the CALM Connection Seminars. They are relevant, relatable and focused on helping to support practice in early childhood programs.

Link, Learn & Share

Click on the photos above to link you directly to the Educator Signature Series. We invite you to share as your friends, colleagues and interested parties.

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