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Hello 2024!

Updated: May 16

Launching the CALM Learning Lab: Strengthening the CALM in your classroom, at home and in your early care & learning environments.

We are starting the new year by launching our very own CALM Learning Lab and we are so excited! We heard your feedback and we've been working hard to create just the right content to connect you with the theoretical and foundational The CALM Curriculum & The CALM Connection.

Let's start with the CALM Connection Seminars

The CALM Connection 2-Part Series provides research, strategies and play-based activities designed to foster and strengthen the social emotional learning skills of young children and gives parents, caregivers and educators an approach to understand and support social emotional well-being.

Part 1: Introduction to Emotions and Regulation

Parents, caregivers and early childhood educators have prime opportunity to build social and emotional skills with the children in their care. Often children who have not had practice with these skills have a hard time with emotional regulation and interacting with peers. The good news is that we can help children develop these skills by fostering safe and responsive environments to become more self-aware and provide opportunities to self-manage when they can.

Part 2: The Six SOS Signals from Young Children

This seminar emphasizes the importance of responsive caregiving, especially in the early years, to support developing a strong foundation for brain development in young children. Focus includes the knowledge and skills to practice responsive caregiving by being attuned to children's SOS signals.

Link, Learn & Share

Click on the photos above to link you directly to the CALM Learning Lab. We invite you to share as your friends, colleagues and interested parties.

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